Sustee Watermeter (medium, white)

Sustee Watermeter (medium, white)


These amazing watermeters are suitable to use with all types of indoor plants. You should use one watermeter per plant.

They are easy to use and accurate. 

Firstly push the Sustee watermeter into your plant pot to the correct depth. There are markers on on the stick.


Then water your plant and see the marker change to blue. 


Monitor your plant until the marker turns white and then water again. If the marker still appears blue, there is enough moisture in the soil. 


The Details

M Medium Sustee Watermeter. Made in Japan. 

Suitable for pot size 3.5, 4, 5, 6
Diameter 10.5〜18cm

Pots that can be lifted with two hands.

Sustee measurements

W10mm×D8mm×H180mm / 5.9g