Devil’s Ivy - Large
Devil’s Ivy - Large

Devil’s Ivy - Large

Botanical Name
Scindapsus aureus

Yvette’s Notes
The stunning yellow/green flecks on the leaves of this plant make it a great statement in most settings. Allowing it to hang gives it a more minimalist vibe or training it upwards across walls and around ceilings allows you to add to your indoor jungle.

Plant Shape
Trailing vines will tumble down or you can train them upwards with support.

Size Now and Later
40cm tall, currently with a 60cm trail length. Can grow to up to 10m+ but can be trimmed.

Pot Size
27cm round, 23cm tall.

Light Conditions
Will suit most indirect light conditions and tolerate low light.

Watering Schedule
Summer watering every 7 - 10 days.
Winter watering every 10 - 12 days.

Plant Care Skills

Plant may differ slightly from the one pictured. Planters, pots and plant baskets are available separately. Allow 2 - 5 days for plant deliveries to arrive.