At Yvette Edwards we specialise in creating stunning, bespoke indoor plant installations and displays that elevate the atmosphere.  Whether you own an office, manage an apartment building, run a hotel, restaurant, or retail store, our expert team is here to bring the beauty of nature indoors, tailored to your unique vision and brand.

We believe that every space has its own personality, which is why we begin our process by coming to you. Our dedicated team engages in an insightful conversation to understand your ideas and requirements. We meticulously measure up the areas you would like enhanced with indoor plants, ensuring every installation is a perfect fit.

Our skilled plant stylists offer an array of options to work within budgets and produce a proposal tailored to your needs.  After discussing your preferences we present you with a customised proposal that often includes a visual mock-up, enabling you to visualise the final installation before it comes to life.

Our commitment doesn't end with the installation.  We do offer a convenient maintenance service that ensures your indoor plants remain vibrant and thriving. With our weekly care visits, you can bid farewell to concerns about overwatering or neglect.  Your green oasis will flourish under our expert care, creating an environment of tranquillity and inspiration.

Opting for our plant care service not only ensures the well-being of your plants but also provides peace of mind.  If a plant isn't flourishing under our care and requires replacement, our promise is to replace it at no additional cost.  We take pride in nurturing your investment to improve your surroundings and we will ensure your space remains in top condition for everyone to enjoy. 

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