Kinto Unimug - Red
Kinto Unimug - Red
Kinto Unimug - Red
Kinto Unimug - Red

Kinto Unimug - Red


This little designer mug is for making the perfect brew, one cup at a time.  The glass mug comes with a coloured plastic lid and strainer, all are separate meaning it can be used with tea bags or loose tea and herbal blends.  It makes the perfect pair with a jar of our Wild Garden Tisane.

The Details

  • Includes glass mug, plastic lid and plastic strainer
  • For making cold or hot brews
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Boxed and delivered in one of our reusable, cotton tote bags
  • Designed in Japan

Our notes

We love this little mug and strainer.  Its elegant, designer feel in the hand makes it a gift and the lid makes it great for using on colder days to keep the warmth in.  We love the fact that you can pop it in the dishwasher too.

Why Mr Edwards and I love Kinto.

With the essence of restraint in the simple design and being famous for tea brewing, where else would you want the perfect tools to make the perfect cuppa from but Japan.