NZ Orchid Bark - Medium Grain

NZ Orchid Bark - Medium Grain


This Orchid Bark is a hard, clean, uniformly graded and is suitable for growing orchids and other epiphytic type plants as well as an addative for blending your own soil mixes. 

Exported worldwide, it is considered by many top orchid growers as a premium product for growing orchids. 

Made in Taranaki using a custom-designed facility to manufacture high-quality bark products, i.e. all bark is stored on a hard surface and under shelter ensures that the bark is dry, clean and sterile. The Orchid Bark is produced from renewable, managed plantations of Pinus Radiata trees.

It is ready to use, no soaking or washing/cleaning is required. You may choose to presoak the bark and this can be an option should you wish to do so.

The bark should last 3 to 5 years which is a great bonus for growers as the roots will fully develop within the bark substrate.

The Details

  • Sold by the scoop. Each scoop is 500ml.