Silver Vase Bromeliad
Silver Vase Bromeliad

Silver Vase Bromeliad


Botanical Name
Aechmea Primera

Yvette’s Notes
These plants are just beautiful, silvery grey and with the prettiest pink flower. Once the flower has finished they can be kept for the stunning silvery foliage until they slowly dry and then you have the enjoyment of seeing a new pup grow from the pot, which will later flower itself.  They look fabulous on table tops and coffee tables as they stay low growing.  They are simple to care for, water through the centre cup when it is almost dry and they rarely need re potting as they have a small root system.   Oh and you can get your mister out to use on them through the summer! fun! fun! 

Plant Shape
A striking, symmetrical round plant shape, with arching leaves that cup a central flower.

Size Now and Later
50cm wide and 40cm tall, the new pup will grow from a shoot along side the mother plant. 

Pot Size
15cm round, 12cm tall.

Light Conditions
Most happy in bright, indirect light conditions but not direct sunlight. 

Watering Schedule (top up the central cup)
Summer watering every 10 - 14 days.
Winter watering every 14 - 21 days.

Plant Care Skills
Easy and suitable for all levels.

Plant may differ slightly from the one pictured. Planters, pots and plant baskets are available separately. Allow 2 - 5 days for plant deliveries to arrive.