String of Pearls
String of Pearls
String of Pearls
String of Pearls

String of Pearls


For the plant in stock, please refer to the first and second photo and size specifications listed below. The last photo is to give you an idea of what a mature plant may look like. 

Botanical Name
Senecio Rowleyanus

Plant Shape
Strands of pearl shaped succulents. Looks like a group of neat similar sized peas tied to a string. 

Size Now and Later
Will grow up to 60 to 90 cm long.

Pot Size
14 cm round, 11 cm tall.

Light Conditions
Needs bright light and medium to high light exposure to grow successfully.

Watering Schedule
Summer watering every 3 to 10+ days, allow the soil to dry between waterings.
Winter watering every 5 to 14+ days, just enough to moisten the soil.

Plant Care Skills
Intermediate plant parenting skills.
Not enough light + too much water = bye bye sweet succulent.

Plant may differ slightly from the one pictured. Planters, pots and plant baskets are available separately. Allow 2 to 5 days for plant deliveries to arrive.