Tailor Skincare Pamper Pack
Tailor Skincare Pamper Pack
Tailor Skincare Pamper Pack

Tailor Skincare Pamper Pack


Our Tailor Skincare Pamper Pack is perfect as a treat and a great way to sample a botanical beauty regime.  A complete lifesaver for your skin, the beautifully packaged minis in the cool little tote bag are perfect for taking on holiday too.  Inside each bag there are cards explaining how best to use the six different products to get your skin glowing and make you feel fabulous.  Don’t forget to order one for yourself or for the ultimate treat why not send one of our candles too.

The Details

  • Includes six different mini sized products; Tailor Mask x3 , Tailor Hydrate, Tailor Dry Cleanse, Tailor Oil Cleanse, Tailor Moisture, Tailor Balm
  • Comes in a reusable tote bag with product instructions
  • Good for all skin types
  • Cruelty Free
  • Made in Wellington, New Zealand

Our notes

This little bag of skincare happiness is great for sampling the alternative to mainstream brands.  The distinctive blue containers make it look really nice in the bathroom and fun to pack up when travelling.  After the first use you can feel the gentle care that the botanical potions and formulas have, all whilst making you feel pampered and leaving your skin feeling fresh and glowing.  Even Mr Edwards loves diving in to my blue pots and bottles.

Why Mr Edwards and I love Tailor Skincare

Along with the obvious, you have to love anything that helps make you look fabulous, Sara the potion creator behind Tailor Skincare strives towards making exceptional products whilst minimising impact on the environment.  She loves buying local, organic and is always open to doing things in a better way.