Zanzibar Raven - Large
Zanzibar Raven - Large

Zanzibar Raven - Large


For the plant in stock, please refer to the first photos and size specifications listed below.

Botanical Name
Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Plant Shape
Straight, structural fronds with dark oval glossy leaves.

Size Now and Later
65cm tall, will grow to about 1m tall and sprout new fronds over time.

Pot Size
 20cm round, 20cm tall.

Light Conditions
Tolerates low light conditions or can happily sit in a brighter position.

Watering Schedule
Summer watering every 7 to 14+ days.
Winter watering every 14 to 21 days.

Plant Care Skills
Very easy care, suitable for all levels.

Plant may differ slightly from the one pictured. Planters, pots and planter baskets are available separately. Allow 2 to 5 days for deliveries.