About Us

It all started quite some time ago, far away on the other side of the world where I met Mr Edwards, a bow-tie wearing student at the time.  After a while we thought it would be amazing to get married and move to New Zealand, so we did.

Before we left England I had been following my dreams of working with flowers and of course wanted to find a way to continue working with the things I love in my new home of Wellington. For a while we worked behind the scenes from a workshop in Island Bay and enjoyed creating lots of weddings and events from that little workshop.

Fourteen years later and after lots of beautiful weddings and events I have filled my address book with stylish brands and the best growers in the land. I am constantly exploring ways to make what we offer the very best available and deliver to the highest standards, at the same time reducing the environmental impact on our beautiful world and appreciating all that we have around us.

I had always wanted a flower shop and after a trip to Brussels I returned to Wellington feeling really inspired to have something in the city where we could let people have more from us day to day and not just on those special occasions. With the help of Mr Edwards my dream came true in the form of my gorgeous Studio on Tory Street surrounded by lush plants, beautiful flowers and lovely gifts to share with everyone.


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Visit us: 9 Tory Street, Te Aro, Wellington