How It Works

Our flowers have been hand-picked from exclusive sources from around New Zealand.  Connecting everybody with blooms direct from the best growers means you can enjoy more floral variety and freshness, arranged in our garden style and hand delivered by us. 

Our gifts have been hand-picked with kindness to the environment and people in mind.  We have collaborated with like-minded New Zealand brands to bring you a unique selection to send with flowers or on their own.

A Single delivery  :  We have a fresh approach to sending flowers to minimise wastage, be kind to the environment and allow us to deliver the most beautiful gifts.  We make one delivery run a day using route planning software and GPS navigation to ensure that we are travelling the shortest possible distance we can when we make our deliveries.

Flowers of the day  :  Each day there is one design of bouquet to order, mixed flowers in a relaxed garden style with interesting foliage delivered in our gorgeous boxes.

Three sizes to choose from  :  You choose from one of three bouquet sizes you would like to send and if you would like to add one or more of our lovely gifts.  Of course if you have something more specific in mind please give us a call and we will do our very best to help.

Order by 9pm the day before  :  Your order needs to be completed, paid for and your confirmation email received before 9pm the day before delivery.  We do this so we can check stock levels, keep in contact with our growers and suppliers to make sure we can get and maintain what we need, this minimises our wastage and reduces our impact on the environment.  All payments are made online through our website's ordering process.

Write a message for the card and tell us where we are going  :  All you need to worry about is what message you would like us to write on the card and the delivery address.  The only other thing to consider is what excuse you can use to send yourself something.

Once your order has been delivered we will let you know  :  You will receive an email order confirmation from us once your payment has been accepted.  And because we thought it would be nice to know, we also send you an email when we've completed your delivery.  If we are unable to make delivery for some reason then we will get in touch.