Our Brand

It has been five years in the making reaching the point where I could create a brand that delivered the kind of consideration for the environment that I wanted, without compromising my level of quality or style.  I am very excited to have started this journey and, now with Mr Edwards, we believe it is one that we will be growing with and constantly evolving.

On receiving our flowers we want people to feel inspired and enjoy the blooms knowing that they have not travelled far, have been grown and nurtured with dedication by New Zealanders and hand delivered by us with care.  These motivations have led us to work with and collaborate with like-minded New Zealand brands and creatives to curate a selection of gifts that are the perfect compliment to the flowers, or lovely enough to send on their own.

In our daily business we have masterminded ways to make our service one of the very best and at the same time reducing our impact on this beautiful world around us.  It has been hard work but we are very proud of the result and love the products that we bring to you through our online store.

  • Our flowers and foliage are all New Zealand grown
  • Wherever we can we buy organic, field grown flowers and foliage
  • All the companies that we are working or collaborating with have environmental or sustainable practises at the core of their business as well
  • We make one delivery run a day in our super-duper efficient van and use route optimising software to make sure that we are driving the shortest possible delivery route each time
  • By ordering flowers daily we reduce wastage
  • Having an online store keeps our carbon footprint to a minimum
  • We like everything we deliver to be either reusable, recyclable, organic or made from sustainable or plant based materials