Finer Point Vessel
Finer Point Vessel
Finer Point Vessel

Finer Point Vessel


Handmade FORMANTICS Ceramic Vase by artist Susan Christie 

I love supporting makers and creatives and especially love a little custom order of something that is new to Wellington and that we can have in The Studio for you. 

Each vase has a unique, handmade finish, no vase is the same and they have a lovely weight to them, which makes them feel really special. 

Each works is artisan piece with a slight gloss finish and matt finish and is made to stand empty or filled with your favourite YE blooms. 

The Details 

  • Dimensions 28cm tall x 15cm widest point. 
  • Waisted shape, with narrow opening.  
  • Beautiful, soft ivory/white glaze and lush green. 
  • Fully glazed Inside.