LED Grow Light
LED Grow Light

LED Grow Light


 Perfect timing for winter!

New to us this season are these incredible warm white grow lights.  Unlike other grow lights where you have to suffer the bright purple/blue light, these are easy enough on the eyes to pop into any screw fitting lamp and have on anytime you are at home. 

Whilst we are having so many dark days, you will be amazed how lush your plants will stay when you are using a grow light to support your plants health through winter. 

Get in touch if you have any specific questions, below are a few key technical points.

Full Spectrum:  Unlike other brand’s grow lights which are composed of red chips and blue chips, SANSI mixes 380-780nm all wavelengths in every LED chip.  This advanced optical structure ensures more uniform light distribution and more proper spectrum proportion - just like natural white sunlight.

Full Cycle:  Every wavelength is meaningful for plants’ growth.  SANSI LED grow bulbs simulate natural sunlight (including UV&IR), giving all spectrum your plants need, beneficial for the whole phrase of growth from seed to harvest.

Easy to Use:  A21 bulb, E26 base fit in lamp sockets easily.  SANSI plant led bulbs are widely applied to hydroponics, greenhouse, farming, growth chamber, plant factory, indoor garden, houseplants, office plants such as fiddle leaf fig, ficus tree, palm tree, succulents, cactus, bonsai, orchid, herbs, lettuce, fruits…

The Details 

  • 15kWh/1000h LED bulb
  • Warm white light glow
  • Screw bulb fitting
  • Non - dimmable
  • A+ energy star rating
  • 7cm diameter across the flat face,  11.5cm  in total length