Indoor Plant Food & Atomiser Set

Indoor Plant Food & Atomiser Set


An exiting addition to our indoor plant care range from Norfolk Natural Living are these beautiful box sets of Indoor Plant food with Atomiser.

Made using nutricious seaweed harvested from a beach in Norfolk, Engand, this is the perfect treat for your gorgeous indoor plants.

The set contains a rich tonic for your indoor plants which you dilute with water into the atomiser bottle.

This plant food is ideal all types of plants and is 100% natural. 

An added bonus is you have a fantastic plant water mister to use once you have emptied the bottle. 


  • Fill the Atomister with water and carefully add eight drops of plant food and shake well.
  • Mist the leaves and stems of your plants first thing in the morning, especially during the warmer months (November - April)

The Details

  • 100ml 
  • Made from British native seaweed (Ascophyllum Nodosum)